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Dark Milk & Nibs 62%

Dark Milk & Nibs 62%

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Handcrafted in Squamish, B.C., this 62% dark milk chocolate is made with ethically sourced cacao beans from Nicaragua, non-GMO B.C. milk that is free of antibiotics and growth hormones, and is sprinkled with roasted cocoa nibs.

Origin: Nicaragua, Ingemann Fine Cacao  
Per case: 12 chocolate bars. 
MSRP per unit: $9.50 - $11.00
Weight per bar: 65g | 2.3oz
Shelf life: 6-9 month.
Ingredients: Organic cacao beans, Organic cacao butter, Organic cane sugar, B.C. whole milk powder, Roasted cacao nibs.
Allergens: Contain dairy and may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.


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